The Difficult First Post

I’ve written a personal blog for over three years now, so I should know exactly how to get started with a new one, right? Wrong.

Somehow, the responsibility of starting a professional blog seems like a very serious undertaking. If I start too strongly, I might mislead you into thinking this blog will be something it can’t live up to. If I don’t start strongly enough…well….you won’t still be reading now.

Could do better. Stronger start needed.

In September 2016, I turned my back on a 12 year career in Retail Management to embark on a new venture into the world of teaching. Teaching is something I’ve always dreamed of doing, but entering Higher Education as a mature student is still no less daunting than my 18 year old self would have found it.

Much better. Keep it up.

The University of South Wales in Newport will be my home until the summer of 2019 (doesn’t that seem a long way away?) but in the meantime this blog will chart my thoughts and ramblings as I negotiate the choppy waters of being a student teacher. My hope is that my experiences will resonate with other students also trying to keep their metaphorical vessels from sinking.

As I survive lectures, assignments, observations and placements I will be sharing everything I find useful, whether it be apps that could add value in the classroom or lesson plans and ideas that I particularly like. But maybe most importantly, I’ll tell you what it’s like to be a mature student teacher in Wales in 2017.

Right, pencils down. That’s the end of our time. Until next time – hwyl fawr!



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